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Chicago MMA Training gyms has the most respected MMA instructors in the Chicago landarea. Their experience is unsurpassed—you will not find a better MMA school. Our coaching staff is comprised of Champions, and they are Certified, too. Chicago MMA has given numerous seminars and self-defense classes to corporations, women’s associations, kids groups and even law enforcement precincts. Fill out the form below to and we will have one of membership advisors call you right away to answer any questions you have.

The MMA Encyclopedia:

Name of Fighter: Abbott, David

Nick Name: Tank




It wasn't the brutal knockout of the 400 pound John Matua that made David "Tank" Abbott stand out in the crowd of MMA landscape. It was the dance - just the little shimmy mimicjing Matua's scary convulsions as he lay unconscious on the mat - that immediately make Abbott one of the UFC's biggest star.


Before Abbott burst onto the MMA scene in 1995 at UFC 6, the UFC was filled with respectful athletes, martial artists who conducted themselves with class and dignity. With his crass interviews, often mocking his opponents and making light of the trauma he had just inflicted on their brains with his hammering fists, Abbott was a breath of fresh air. He was the anti martial artist, a welcome and familiar figure for fans who still weren't sure what to make of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and the ground game. This was a fighter they could feel comfortable with: a bar fighter with bald head, barrel chest and long beard. This was what a fighter was supposed to look like.

"I just got out of jail for beating somebody up - in fact, a cop's son," Abbott said. His background gave UFC promoters reasons to worry. But Abbott had a solid case for his inclusion in the event. "Isn't this supposed to be about fighting? And they said, "Yeah, but you have got to have some kind if black belt or something." They called me a couple of days later and said, "We came up with this thing called Tank Abbott. Its from the Every Which Way But Loose movie from Clint Eastwood." Thats where the Tank came from."

It was a brilliant marketing ploy by Abbott himself. Thge tank may have looked like an ignorant thug but that was for show. He was a legitimately tough guy, but he was also a college graduate and junior college wrestling star. This wasnt part of the UFC pitch though. Fans preferred to think of Abbott as a menacing street fighter and that was what they gave them.

Unfortunately for Abbott, the martial artist he professed to hate so much were more than a match for him. Abbott's career is filled with devasting knockouts of journeymen and tomato cans, but every time he stood in the cage with a legitimate martial artist, he lost and lost convincingly. Even in defeat, Tank was still able to convince fans he was the tougher guy. He was famous for heading to the bar while his conqueror headed to the hospital.

It was an act that seemed to age poorly. If tapping out to a sneering Frank Mir toe hold did not kill Abbott myth, a first round knockout in just 43 seconds at the hands of street fighter Kimbo Slice surely did. Despite there convincing losses, Abbott will continue to fight on. As long as there are promotors who are willing to pay big bucks for the nostalgia of having Tank Abbott on their MMA fight card, the Tank will be there, lacing up his gloves and ready to fall down for old time sake.

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