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CGT's Take on Invasion Chicago

April 30th, 2012


CutThroat MMA - Invasion Aurora

Chicago, Illinois (IL) -- Invasion Chicago has come and gone. April 27th was set up to be a big night for Carlson Gracie Team MMA as five of CGT's fighters saw action on the card. CGT fighters kicked the night off, and they also ended the night. The night was filled with great fights that produced a lot of action with mixed results.


Axel "the Phatom" Mendez kicked Invasion Chicago off against California native Anthony Pazmino. Axel took the fight to Anthony early on. Axel landed a spinning back fist in the first round which knocked Anthony down. Anthony took his time getting back to his feet, beating the count. After landing the spinning backfist, Axel repeatedly attacked the body and legs of his opponent, which had a noticable impact on him. By the third round, Anthony had a noticable limp as a result of all of the leg kicks. Axel's accurate strikes and pace was enough to get him the Unanimous Decison.


The next CGT fighter to fight on the card was Dorothy Schultz, who will be joining Axel on the National Team for the 2012 WKA World Championships. Her opponent at Invasion Chicago was Desiree Brandt from Arizona's Power MMA. This match up was set up as a fight of Muay Thai champions. Dorothy recently became a WKA champion and Desiree is a 2012 USMTA champion. This Muay Thai fight went back and forth, neither of them having a distinct advantage. Dorothy seemed to get the best of Brandt in the clinch as she would land knees repeatedly. By the end of the second round the fight was still up in the air, but Dorothy seemed to be wearing down. Desiree managed to do enough in the third round to get the split decision.


CutThroat decided to add a Jiu Jitsu match to Invasion Chicago. The match featured CGT fighter Larry Lindenman. His opponent was Tom Regep. This was a match for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Soon after the match began, Larry tried to pull guard, but Tom did not fall into his guard. Larry eventually got a Triangle attempt but Tom was able to successfully depend it. Tom eventually scores as he is able to get a dominant position over Larry, but it did not take long for Larry to sweep Tom and tie the match up. Tom is able to get back to his feet and Larry spends the rest of the match trying to get Tom into his guard. The charity match ends with both participates getting their hands raised.


The next CGT fighter to enter the cage was Tom Shoaff. Tom entered the cage as the cards Co- Main Event. His opponent was Warren Roberds, who fights out of Wand Fight Team. Tom had the entire crowd, or what at least seemed to be, behind him. As soon as he walked out, the crowd errupted for him. While Tom might have had the come crowd advantage, Warren had a distinctive size advantage over him. Soon after the bell rings and the fight begins, Tom was dropped but seemed to quickly recover as he tries to get Warren into his guard. But at the same time that Tom was trying to get Warren into his guard, the referee stopped the two and called the match. Immediately the pro Tom Shoaff crowd errupted and began booing. Tom voiced his displeasure in the referee's decision and left the cage. He quickly returned to the cage and told the crowd not to boo Warren for doing what he was supposed to do.


The nights Main Event featured the CutThroat MMA 170 lbs. champion, and CGT fighter, Danny "the Machine" Morales. His opponent for the night was Shane Grenko, who flew in from Washington for the fight. As was the case with Tom Shoaff, Danny had the entire crowd behind him. Once the fight got under way it was evident that Danny had the striking advantage. The Machine was able to land his strikes with ease and accuracy. Danny made it a habit of attacking Shane's lead leg. In the second round Shane went for a takedown, but Danny quickly stuffed it. At the end of the round, Danny was able to score a takedown of his own, leaving no doubt who won that round. This was the case through each of the five rounds. Even with all of the stikes and leg kicks that Morales landed, Shane kept moving forward but there was no doubt who won the fight. Danny Morales got the unanimous decision over Shane.


While Invasion Chicago did not completely go as planned for Carlson Gracie Team fighters, it was an exciting night nonetheless. There was a lot of great action throughout the night and CGT fighters showed their toughness and class in and outside of the ring no matter the outcome.


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